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Obtaining reconciliation files

You can obtain the reconciliation files from SFTP server and Alipay global site. However, the files obtained through different channels vary in file names and file contents, which is further explained in Reconciliation file content.


To obtain your reconciliation files through SFTP, complete the following steps:

  1. Contact Alipay to get your public IP address added to white list. Contact Global Merchant Technical Support ( to submit your PID and public IP address with which you visit the SFTP server. If you are using sandbox environment, submit your test PID and public IP address. 
  2. After receiving your request in step 1, Alipay will send you the SFTP login credentials within 3 working days.
  3. Connect to SFTP server to download files. For example, you can select a frequently used tool according to your specific requirements to connect to SFTP. Use the following settings to log in and obtain files:
    • Port: 22
    • Host name: 
    • Username and password 


  • SFTP accounts that are not used for 90 days are closed.
  • Files older than 7 days on the SFTP server might be removed. It is suggested to download the files within 3 days. If the file you need is deleted, contact Global Technical Support ( for help.

From Alipay global open platform

Login to Alipay global open platform, go to My AlipayMy Transaction to view and download your transaction files and settlement files. You can also download the files at the Download Files tab. Files can only be downloaded after the file is generated.


If you are using sandbox environment, see Reconciliation files in the sandbox for details.

The following video explains how to obtain reconciliation files from Alipay global open platform: