Alipay, China's leading third-party online payment solutionAlipay, China's leading third-party online payment solution



The cross-border app payment solution provides a convenient, safe, and reliable payment services to third-party applications. This payment solution is applicable to wireless devices (including mobiles and tablet computers) supported by Android or iOS system.

With this payment solution, the merchant's site will present an Alipay payment button when a consumer completes the payment and checks out.

  • The user clicks the payment/checkout button. After being redirected to Alipay app/H5 page, the user can log in, and then complete the payment on Alipay.
  • Once the payment is completed, the user is redirected back to the merchant site with the payment result. The merchant could check the result and make decision on how to move forward.
  • In the meantime, an asynchronous notification will be sent to the merchant with the payment result. The notification is reliable with build-in retry mechanism.

Target audience

This document targets at the technical person who are intending to integrate with the Alipay cross-border app payment solution.      


1. Request
A process of transmitting data in the form of character string required by Android/iOS client to recipient party.
2. Return
Alipay returns processed result data in the form of character string to Android/iOS client directly.
3. Notification
Asynchronous notification from Alipay server to merchant. Alipay server takes the initiative to notify and feeds the processed result back to merchant's website after the data received has been processed by Alipay.
4. H5 Payment
H5 payment uses the H5 page appears in the browser or Webview embedded in APP to complete payment.
5. Native Payment
Native payment calls Alipay App for Native page to complete payment.

Supported currency

For details of currencies supported by Alipay Cross-border In-app Payment , see Supported Currency.

Customer support

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For non-technical questions, such as how to sign up for Alipay, please contact Global Merchant Business Support (