Alipay, China's leading third-party online payment solutionAlipay, China's leading third-party online payment solution

In-store Payments Overview

A variety of cost effective digital payment methods are provided for your store to help you accept payments from customers all around the world. With us, one single integration enables you to accept payments from customers around the world, as well as various e-wallets by using the user-presented code or merchant-presented code.

cangkusaomaqiang.svg User-presented Mode Payment

Merchant scans the payment code presented by the customer to collect payments. This option significantly improves the payment speed and efficiency and works in a weak network connection environment. For more information, see User-presented Mode Payment.

saomazhifu-dingdan.svg Order Code Payment

Customers can scan the code presented by the merchant to complete the transaction through their e-wallets. After scanning the code, the customer can check order information and then complete the payment. This payment method is an ideal choice for retail and self-service scenarios because customers can complete payments without entering the payment amount and get the payment result instantly. For more information, see Order Code Payment.

saomazhifu-2.svg Entry Code Payment

With the Alipay entry code payment product, customers can scan the entry code generated by the merchant and enter the payment amount to complete the payment. Merchants don't need to apply an updated QR code or purchase any equipment for collecting the payment if merchants join the Alipay network. Besides, the payment page can be customized by the merchant to offer a better and localized payment experience. For more information, see Entry Code Payment.