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      With the Alipay entry code payment product, users can scan the entry code generated by the merchant and enter the payment amount to complete the payment. Merchants don't need to apply an updated QR code or purchase any equipment for collecting payment if merchants join the Alipay network. Besides, the payment page can be customized by the merchant to offer a better and localized payment experience.


      Alipay entry code payment product provides following benefits to partners:

      • One-point access, global income: Supports the merchant to accept global payments and obtain global customers, which leads to an increase of transactions and revenue. 
      • Low cost integration: No additional integration costs needed when you add new wallet product to expand your business after integrating Alipay the first time.
      • Powerful risk management: Powerful risk control engine offered, managing the risks of buyers, sellers, and transactions and ensuring the security of funds.
      • Best exchange rate: Competitive exchange rates provided, helping merchants to get more transactions. 
      • Multi-currency settlement: Multiple settlement currencies supported. Accept settlement with the currency of your choice.
      • Comprehensive Merchant Service: Timely and comprehensive support and assistance to buyers and sellers around the world. 

      #User experience

      Alipay entry code payment product provides a convenient and secure way to pay. Customers can complete the payment in just a few easy steps:

      1. The customer scans the entry code generated by the merchant.
      2. The customer enters the payment amount and confirms to pay.
      3. The customer gets the payment result.


      Figure 1. User experience for entry code payment

      #Product flow

      The user scans the entry code and enters the payment amount to complete the payment. A payment request is initiated and sent to Alipay. Alipay processes the payment and returns the payment scheme to the request initiator. The request initiator triggers the cashier in the customer wallet to make the customer confirm the payment. PSP receives the confirmed payment and presents the payment result page to the customer. PSP also sends the payment notification to Alipay. After getting the payment result from PSP, Alipay sends the payment notification to the merchant.


      Figure 2. Entry code payment product flow

      In the Alipay entry code payment product, the following four roles are involved:

      • User: An individual or institution that uses the payment service. The customer's funds are ultimately delivered to the merchant through the payment service provider.
      • MerchantA company or individual that trades on goods or services. The acquiring institution will settle the funds to the merchants on a regular basis.
      • Alipay: Alipay merchant services, provided by Alipay.
      • PSP: Payment service provider, an organization that processes payment services and other value-added services on behalf of the payer.

      Three integration modes are provided for implementing the integration: integration by the merchant, integration by the system integrator, and integration by ISV. For more details, see Integration mode.

      #Product features

      Use the entry code payment when the following criteria are matched:



      Payment type

      Offline payment

      Payment initiator


      User authorization provider

      Payment Service Provider (PSP)

      User authorization method

      User authorization provided by PSP

      Terminal type

      No device requirement

      Entry code owner


      Entry code issuer


      Table 1. Service criteria

      #Terms and definitions

      These terms and corresponding definitions are important or frequently used in the entry code payment product:

      • Acquirer (ACQ): Institution that processes payments on behalf of Merchants.
      • Code issuer: A party that complies with this standard. It usually has the ability to decode and obtain the business information associated with the code.
      • In-store payment: The activity that a user goes to a merchant's place of business and conducts face-to-face payments with the merchant.
      • QR code: Quick Response Code as defined in ISO/IEC 18004.