Release notes

#October 2021

  • Reorganized the structure and content of the following documentation in Cashier Payment:

  • Auto Debit added the payment result notification functionality, the following documentations are reorganized:

#September 2021

  • The following terms are renamed:

Obsolete term

Current term 



Alipay+ MPP

The meaning of the current term is the same as the obsolete term.

Connect Wallet



mobile website

#August 2021

  • MULTIPLE_REFUNDS_NOT_SUPPORTED of error code is added in the following APIs:

  • The inquiryUserInfo interface is removed.

#July 2021

  • USER_KYC_NOT_QUALIFIED of error code is added in the following APIs:

  • Modified the orderCodeForm.codeDetails field from Required to Optional for the following interfaces:

  • Delete the orderCodeForm.codeDetails.codeValueType field in the following APIs:

#May 2021

  • Alipay Docs redesigned with improved user experience and new information architecture. New docs to assist new users:

  • Reorganized the structure of API-related instruction documentation.
    • Added the following documentation:
    • Renamed the following documentation title:

  • Remove the following documentations to the corresponding product documentations:
    • Settlement Items
    • Settlement Summary
    • Transaction Items

For example, you can go to Cashier Payment > Reports and reconciliation > Settlement Items ( to view details.

  • Terminology renaming. The following term is renamed:
    • Consumer-presented Mode Payment -> User-presented Mode Payment

#April 2021

  • New field and enum (appId and MINI_APP) are added to the following APIs:

#March 2021

  • New settlement modes are added to the following products:

The following fields are removed from the Settlement Summary file for each product:

    • transactionAmountValue
    • transactionCurrency
  • INVALID_CODE of error codes in the following APIs are deleted:
  • INVALID_PAYMENT_CODE of error code is added in the following API:

#December 2020

  • The following term is renamed:

Obsolete term

Current term 




The obsolete term might be still displayed in codes, for example, API specifications, Java code specifications, or other places where technical elements exist. The meaning of the obsolete term is not changed.

  • New versions of Product APIs for online payment and in-store payment products are released in December. The API documentation format has been updated to a new version for better user experience. You can now access subfields in the same documentation. Previously, subfields were only available in data dictionary. You can go to API Reference > Product APIs > Online payments ( to explore the new version.

#May 2020

A new version of Alipay Docs is released in May. Technical documentation on original portal ( is merged to this new site for a better user experience. You can go to Documentation > Legacy Documentation ( to view