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createPaymentSession (EasySafePay)

POST /v1/payments/createPaymentSession

The createPaymentSession API is used to generate a payment session for integrating client-side SDK. The API response provides encrypted session data, which can be used to initiate the client-side SDK. This SDK streamlines the payment process and frees you from manually calling multiple APIs.   


A message consists of a header and body. The following sections are focused on the body structure. For the header structure, see: 

Note: Set the data type of each field (except array) as String. This means that you must use double quotation marks (" ") to enclose the field value. Examples:

  • If the data type of a field is Integer and its value is 20, set it as "20". 
  • If the data type of a field is Boolean and its value is ​true​, set it as "true". 

Request parameters

productCode String  REQUIRED

Represents the payment product that is being used. The value is fixed as AGREEMENT_PAYMENT  

productScene String  REQUIRED

The value is fixed as EASY_PAY, which indicates an EasySafePay payment.  

More information about this field

  • Maximum length: 32 characters

paymentRequestId String  REQUIRED

The unique ID assigned by a merchant to identify a payment request. 

More information about this field

  • Maximum length: 64 characters

order Order object REQUIRED

The order information, such as buyer, merchant, goods, amount, shipping information, and purchase environment. This field is used for different purposes:

  • During the payment process, this field is mainly used by Alipay for risk control or anti-money laundering.
  • After the payment is completed, this field is used for recording and reporting purposes such as purchase tracking and regulatory reporting.
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paymentAmount Amount object REQUIRED

The payment amount that the merchant requests to receive in the order currency.

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paymentMethod PaymentMethod object REQUIRED

The payment method that is used to collect the payment by the merchant or acquirer. 

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paymentRedirectUrl URL  REQUIRED

The merchant page URL that the user is redirected to after the payment is completed.

More information about this field

  • Maximum length: 2048 characters

paymentNotifyUrl URL  REQUIRED

The URL that is used to receive the payment result notification.

More information about this field

  • Maximum length: 2048 characters

settlementStrategy SettlementStrategy object REQUIRED

The settlement strategy for the payment request.

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env Env object 

Information about the environment where the order is placed.

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agreementInfo AgreementInfo object 

Authorization information about EasySafePay payments. 

Specify this parameter to obtain an access token for the first-time EasySafePay payment only. 

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paymentSessionExpiryTime Datetime  

The specific date and time after which the payment session will expire. The default expiration time is 1 hour after the session creation. For example, if the session is created at 2023-7-27T12:00:01+08:30, the session expiration time is 2023-7-27T13:00:01+08:30.

Specify this parameter if you want to use a payment session expiration time that differs from the default time. The specified expiration time must be 0 to 1 hour after session creation.   

More information about this field

  • The value follows the ISO 8601 standard format. For example, "2019-11-27T12:01:01+08:00".

Response parameters

result Result object REQUIRED

The result of the API call.

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paymentSessionId String  REQUIRED

The encrypted ID that is assigned by Alipay to identify a payment session.  

More information about this field

  • Maximum length: 64 characters

paymentSessionData String  REQUIRED

The encrypted payment session data. Pass the data to your front end to initiate the client-side SDK.  

More information about this field

  • Maximum length: 4096 characters

paymentSessionExpiryTime Datetime  REQUIRED

The date and time when the payment session expires.  

More information about this field

  • The value follows the ISO 8601 standard format. For example, "2019-11-27T12:01:01+08:00".
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Payment after a successful authorization
Request Body


Response Body

More information

About the order field: Alipay does not verify the consistency of the amount in the order field and the amount in the payment request. The order information is not applied in fund operations either. This field is mainly used for risk control, supervision, regulatory reporting, and consumption records display. Use the env field if the risk control capability provided by Alipay is needed.

Sample for the order field

Result/Error codes

CodeValueMessageFurther action

The payment session is successfully created. No further action is needed. 

PARAM_ILLEGALFThe required parameters are not passed, or illegal parameters exist. For example, a non-numeric input, an invalid date, or the length and type of the parameter are wrong.

Check and verify whether the required request fields (including the header fields and body fields) of the current API are correctly passed and valid.

PROCESS_FAILFA general business failure occurred.

Do not retry. Human intervention is usually needed. It is recommended that you contact Alipay Technical Support to troubleshoot the issue.

UNKNOWN_EXCEPTIONUAn API call has failed, which is caused by unknown reasons.

Call the interface again to resolve the issue. If not resolved, contact Alipay Technical Support.