Alipay, China's leading third-party online payment solutionAlipay, China's leading third-party online payment solution

Quick start

The following integration flow shows the process of using Alipay payment solution. For more details about integration, see Integration.

Quick start


1.Before you start integration, ensure that you completed the registration and other steps in the following:

1). Registration
Sign up with your email address and confirm to activate.
2). Qualification
Provide your company information and upload certificate documents for the first time application.
3). Application
Select an Alipay service product to apply.
4). Integration
Integrate Alipay APIs to add Alipay services on your web and mobile site and in your app.

2.You can also use the following business flows to increase your understanding of Alipay APIs:

    1. Pay Flow
    2. Refund Flow
    3. Query Flow
    4. Secondary Merchant Maintenance Flow