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Discover Antom's refund rules and learn how to initiate a refund for a successful transaction.

Refund rules

The following are the relevant refund rules:

  • Commission fee: Whether the commission fee is returned or whether there are additional charges for the refund is subject to the contract.
  • Refund settlement rate: When the settlement and payment currency are inconsistent, the settlement exchange rate used for refund is the Antom exchange rate on the day of the successful refund.
  • Refund restriction: Different payment methods have different restrictions. The following are specific situations:
    • Refund not supported
    • Partial refund not supported
    • Refunds are not supported after a certain time, starting from the time of successful payment.

For details, see Refund capabilities of payment methods.

  • Refund return: In extreme cases, due to the abnormal status of the user's bank account and other reasons, the refund API is called and returns a successful refund status, but the user is unable to receive the funds successfully. Antom will settle the corresponding funds and notify you through the financial report settlement. You need to decide how to handle the funds.

Refund methods

After the transaction is paid successfully, you can initiate a refund through the following two ways:


The following figure is the workflow of refund.


Figure 1: Workflow of refund


  • After calling the refund API, the following three situations may be returned:
    • A refund failure is returned in the refund response: If the request parameters are incorrect, try to adjust the refund parameters based on the returned error code information and retry. Contact Antom Technical Support for troubleshooting. For details about how to handle each error code, see Error codes.
    • A successful refund is returned in the refund response: The resultCode parameter returns REFUND_IN_PROCESS, use the inquiryRefund API to obtain the final refund result, or wait for the refund result notification through notifyRefund.
    • An unknown exception of refund is returned in the refund response: It is usually due to network reasons, and you can try to retry without changing the account.
  • Refund notification: A refund notification will be sent if the refund is successful. In the case of refund failure, there will be no refund notification if the processing is abnormal due to an illegal refund request.

Integration steps

Start your integration by taking the following steps:

  1. Initiate a refund request
  2. Receive a refund response

Step 1: Initiate a refund request

The following requirements for a refund request must be satisfied when you use the refund API. Failure to meet these criteria will result in Antom issuing the respective error codes:

Error code



The payment is not successful.


The refund date exceeds the refundable period that is agreed in the contract.


The payment method does not support canceling or refunding transactions


A partial refund is not supported for this transaction.


The merchant balance is insufficient.

Table 1: Error codes

When initiating a refund through the refund API, the key parameters in the request are listed as follows:


Is required?




The unique identifier that you assign to a payment.



The unique identifier that Antom assigns to the original payment to be refunded.



The refund amount must be no less than the minimum refund amount (usually the same as the minimum payment amount) and no greater than the refundable amount of a payment.

The currency of the refund amount must be consistent with the currency of the payment amount in the pay API.



The URL for receiving asynchronous refund notifications.

Table 2: Key parameters of refund requests

Step 2: Receive a refund response

After you call the refund API, Antom synchronously returns the refund result. The resultStatus parameter in the API response indicates the refund status of this payment. The values of resultStatus are explained as follows:

  • S: The refund is successful.
  • F: The refund failed. When the error codes mentioned in Step 1 are excluded, returning F in the response may be an illegal parameter in the request. See the Error codes of the refund API or contact Antom Technical Support for troubleshooting.
  • U: The following scenarios may occur:
    • REFUND_IN_PROCESS: Indicates that the refund is being processed. You can call the inquiryRefund API to obtain the refund result or wait for the refund result notification.
    • UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION/ REQUEST_TRAFFIC_EXCEED_LIMIT: Usually caused by Antom system or network issues, you can call the refund API to retry.
  • ORDER_IS_CLOSED: Usually returned in the inquiryRefund response, refund recall, and notifyRefund request. It may be that the refund cannot be processed in Antom for some reason. You can change your account and retry.