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You can complete the following tasks under Billing > Transactions:

  • Search for real-time successful transactions.
  • Process refunds for successful payments.
  • Download real-time transaction details reports or download transaction details reports from the portal calendar.

Search for transactions

You can search for all successful transaction records under Transactions > Search. All transaction information in this module is real-time. You can filter transactions by Date range, Currency, Transaction ID, Payment method type, and Transaction type. The date range for filtering supports a time span of up to 40 days.

Additionally, you can filter the fields of desired transaction details information by clicking the setting button (see Figure 1).


Figure 1. Transaction details field filtering

After filtering the transactions, you can click a specific Transaction ID to view the details of a particular transaction.

Refund transactions

You can refund a transaction and check the refund result in the portal under Billing > Transactions.

Initiate a refund

To refund a successfully paid transaction, follow these steps:

  1. Filter the transactions to be refunded or directly search for the Transaction ID of the transaction to be refunded.
  2. Click the Transaction ID of a specific transaction to be refunded to enter the transaction details page.
  3. Click Refund to initiate a refund process.
  4. In the refund process, you need to:
    1. Enter the refund amount and refund reason (optional).
    2. Confirm the refund information, enter theAntom payment password, and click Submit. When initiating a refund for the first time through the portal, you need to click Change Password below the Antom payment password input box to set a password.


Figure 2. Password change for the first refund

Note: The refund function is only available when the transaction type is a payment or capture and the refundable amount is greater than 0. Otherwise, the Refund button on the page is grayed out.

In addition to refund transactions in the portal, you can also initiate a refund by using the Refund API. For more information about how to use the API to initiate a refund, see Use the refund API.

Check refund result

After filtering the transactions, if the transaction type shows as Refund and the Status is Successful, it means that the transaction has been successfully refunded.


Figure 3. Refund result check

Click a specific transaction ID to view the refund details for the transaction.

Note: For refunded transactions, only those that have been successfully refunded can be viewed in Transactions of the portal. Refunds that are in progress or have failed are not displayed in the portal.

Download transaction details reports

You can download transaction details reports through Alipay Global Merchant Portal in the following two ways:

  • Customize and download a real-time transaction details report.
  • Download transaction details reports based on a daily or monthly dimension in the portal calendar.

Download real-time reports

To download real-time transaction details reports under Transactions > Search, complete the following steps:

  • Filter the transaction details that you want to download.
  • Click Export to customize the report.
  • Choose the download file format (.csv or .xlsx) and customize the transaction details report according to the fields provided.
  • Click Export to download the report.

Real-time reports enable the export of transaction details for up to 40 days in one file.


Figure 4. Customized export of transaction detail reports

Download reports from portal calendar

In the Transactions > Transaction report download module, you can filter and download transaction details reports by month or year. All downloaded reports contain both the .csv and .xlsx formats.

When filtering by month, a Download button will appear when you hover the mouse over a specific day in the selected month. Click Download to download the transaction details report for that day. The portal calendar does not support downloading transaction details reports for the current day, only those of the previous day and earlier.

When filtering by year, you can download monthly transaction details reports. Monthly reports are usually generated on the second of the following month.


Figure 5. Transaction details report download