Red Packet QR Code introduction

#What is Alipay Red Packet QR Code?

Red Packet QR Codes are offline marketing QR codes that Alipay launched overseas (outside Chinese mainland) in 2018. If an overseas merchant accepts Alipay as a payment method, a Chinese Alipay user can scan the Red Packet QR Code to get a red packet for payment deduction. A campaign partner can earn commissions from Red Packet QR Code POSM placement and user redemptions of red packets.

*The abbreviation of Red Packet QR code: RP QR Code

#Red Packet QR Code Incentive Scheme

There are two parts of the incentive our service provider can earn from one Red Packet QR Code:


1.Placement Commission: The service provider can earn X RMB (or equal amount of local currency) if he/she successfully placed one Alipay Red Packet QR Code into the storefront of one merchant which accepts Alipay as a payment method but never accepts Alipay Red Packet QR Code redemption and there is at least one successful Red Packet Code redemption, which means the red packet coupon is generated from the Alipay Red Packet QR Code material placed by such service provider and the coupon is subsequently used by an Alipay user.  

2. Operations Commission: The service provider can earn the operations commission from each user redemption of the Alipay Red Packet QR Code, which calculated as factor * user redemption amount from each Red Packet Code he/she distributed. For each Alipay Red Packet QR Code, the number of operations commission one service provider can earn tops at n monthly. The factor will be varied in different areas/districts and may varied from time to time.

#Incentive Settlement

The incentive will be calculated and settled to your registered bank account at the end of every month.The Service Providers can check the monthly statement at the Alipay Global Open Platform.

#Service Provider Qualifications

(1)With a good commercial reputation, all the qualification certificates required to operate its business shall be in place.

(2)With a scale of operation, its financial system and status shall be sound and stable.

(3)With sound business credit, it shall not be listed on any lists of prohibition development or prudent development by any regulatory authorities or bank card organizations.

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