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Statement management manual

Statement Time

Commission is settled every month.Settlement amount of the last month is displayed at Open Platform >Dashboard next month.

Invoice and Settlement

Statement: Login to Open Platform > Commission Statement to review the commission

Statement management manual

Invoicing: Click Upload to issue an invoice as per the statement amount. Alipay starts the remittance process after receiving the invoice.

Wait for the invoice review and commission remittance (5-12 working days).

You can download the adjustment details for review.

Check the page for more details about invoicing

Statement day:

The monthly statements are generated on the 15th day of the next month, or the first business day thereafter.  

Note: You will be informed through email if the statement is delayed because of other reasons.



Invoice upload:

1,Ensure that you use the payer information provided in the statement page for your invoice. Alipay company name must be correct.

2,Your invoice will be reviewed after the upload. Please remain informed of the review progress. If the invoice is rejected, correct the invoice information accordingly, and upload a new one. The remittance process begins only after the invoice review is passed.




Remittance day:

1,After the invoice review is passed, the remittance request will be submitted to the bank within five business days. The actual receipt time is subject to the bank.

2,On the last three days of a month, the remittance is delayed until the first business day in the following month.