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Credit Pay Installment is only available to merchants that are eligible according to Application Conditions. Eligible merchants can use Credit Pay Installment in the following options:

  • Add Credit Pay Installment to Alipay cashier page. No extra contract nor integration is required to use this option. Eligible merchants can contact their Alipay business developer to open this option of Credit Pay Installment. 
  • Add Credit Pay Installment to the merchant checkout page, and optionally, merchandise page. To use this option, new contract regarding Credit Pay Installment is required, and integration must be done. Eligible merchants can contact their Alipay business developer to open this option of Credit Pay Installment. For more details about the integration, see Integration process.

Integration process


Before you start integration, ensure that you completed the following steps:


Sign up with your email address and confirm to activate.


Provide your company information and upload certificate documents for the first time application.


Select an Alipay service product to apply.


Integrate Alipay APIs to add Alipay services on your PC website, mobile website, or in your app.

Adding Credit Pay Installment to merchant checkout page

Information such as number of installments, principal of each installment, and service fees must be displayed, so users can select one of the installment options accordingly.

The following table lists the payment interfaces that can be used to pass in the Credit Pay Installment information:



Web Payment


In-App Payment

Wap Payment


Add the following parameter to the payment interface request according to the payment product you use: 




  • hb_fq_num is the number of installments. Only three values are available: 3, 6, and 12. Any other value will cause error.
  • hb_fq_seller_percent is the percent of the service fee paid by the merchant. Currently only 0 is supported, as all service fee is paid by the customer. Any other value will cause error.

To change the number of installments, modify the value of hb_fq_num, then send a new request with a new out_trade_no. Otherwise, Credit Pay Installment page will still present the original number of installments, and use the corresponding installment amount, and the payment will return errors.

The amount of each installment equals to service fee amount plus payment amount divided by number of installments. See Installment formula for details.

Testing the product

Use customer Alipay accounts that can use Credit Pay for tests, otherwise, the test will return errors.

Design guidelines

Download the vector graphics required at Resource Download to dispaly Credit Pay Installment.

  • If customer selects Alipay as payment method in merchandise detail page or merchant checkout page, then the page is redirected to Alipay cashier page.
  • If customer selects Credit Pay Installment, then the page is redirected to Credit Pay Installment page. Then, if Credit Pay Installment is not available due to insufficient credit line or other reasons, other payment method can still be selected.

See User Experience for more details.