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Co-badged cards compliance

This guide introduces the requirements for integrating co-badged card payment schemes within the European Economic Area (EEA), empowering merchants to accept diverse co-badged card transactions. As a merchant, you need to meet the requirements of European consumer protection laws and provide cardholders with more clear and convenient payment schemes.

Integration instruction

According to Regulation (EU) 2015/751, you need to accept payments from cardholders with co-badged cards within the EEA. Regardless of the registered region, as long as you accept co-badged cards from European consumers, it must meet compliance requirements.

Integration requirements

To integrate co-badged card payment schemes effectively, you must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Display the available payment schemes: Display all payment schemes associated with EEA-issued co-badged cards accepted by you, ensuring that each option's visual representation (size and logo) is consistent on the checkout page. Refrain from hiding other options.
  • Honor the cardholder's choice: When the cardholder chooses a preferred card payment scheme, you need to respect that choice and proceed with the transaction. Do not override the cardholder's choice of payment scheme.
  • Store payment scheme option: When the cardholder selects a preferred card payment scheme, you can prompt the cardholder to complete independent card binding to store the card information. This allows for a more streamlined payment process for subsequent payments.

By following the integration guide, you can integrate co-badged card payment schemes and provide cardholders with a better payment experience. Note that when integrating co-badged card payment schemes, you are required to comply with relevant security and privacy protection requirements to ensure a safe and trustworthy payment process.