Pay Flow

The following business flow shows how an Alipay payment integration works. The process involves the customer, the merchant, and Alipay.

Pay Flow

The following simplified flow shows the main process after calling the barcode payment interface:

Pay Flow

Merchants can call Payment Interface to place an order and initiate a charge request.

The following diagram shows a full purchase flow:

Pay Flow


To protect users from fraud, occasionally, the system might require the user to be authenticated before making a purchase. Users will be prompted to enter the payment password for various reasons, for example:

  • Alipay risk engine determines a payment looks suspicious
  • Regulatory requirements demand an authentication step


Transaction currency supported: HKD.

FX rate

FX rate used at the transaction time is valid throughout the entire transaction lifetime.

Payment result

If the payment status is unknown or if the transaction times out, call Query Interface to check the exact status.

For more information about the parameters and error codes, see Payment Interface and Query Interface.