Sign via PC

Step 1

Redirect to Alipay agreement signing page.

The user is redirected to Alipay agreement signing page from merchant’s site.

Sign via PC

Alipay payment agreement PC page signing

Step 2

Login with logon password

User needs to input logon id and payment password. After verification, the page will hop to agreement confirmation page.

Sign via PC

Alipay payment agreement page signing confirmation page

Step 3

Result page

If the signing process successes, Alipay will render the default success page, as shown below. If the merchant passes return_url parameter when requesting the redirect, Alipay will redirect to the address automatically after 3 seconds.

Sign via PC

Signing success page

If the signing fails, Alipay will render the error page, including the reason to the user.

Sign via PC

Signing error page