Alipay, China's leading third-party online payment solutionAlipay, China's leading third-party online payment solution


The Auto-debit service is used for enabling Alipay Users to purchase Products under which, subject to Alipay User’s proper authorization.

To enable the Auto-debit service the interface listed below are mandatory:

  • alipay.acquire.createandpay
  • alipay.dut.customer.agreement.unsign

Optional for the query and refund interface, as Alipay respond payment status both synchronously and asynchronously, for the refund, can be done through Alipay Global portal.

  • alipay.acquire.query
  • alipay.acquire.refund

There is also the interface for query customer sign status, which avaiable for checking whether the bind is still available.

  • alipay.dut.customer.agreement.query

Merchants may send to Alipay request for collecting Payment from Users when the Payment becomes due and Alipay may collect such Payment from Alipay Users and settle it to Merchants in accordance with the Auto-Debit Service agreement.

Once User bind their Alipay account to merchant account. Payment can be completed with below methods:

  • Payment without entering any user ID / password information.
  • Merchant can debit user account directly in accordance to the actual spending amount.
  • Merchant debits user account on time and amount basis in accordance to the agreement.

If the Alipay user would like to unbind the payment, they can either unbind through unsign API interface or unbind with Alipay wallet/website.