Alipay, China's leading third-party online payment solutionAlipay, China's leading third-party online payment solution

Demo example

Detailed Explanation of Integration Process

Pre-integration preparation

Pre-integration preparation work includes sellers' contract signing and key configuration; sellers who have completed those can neglect them.

SDK integration process


Decompress API compressed file (file name is, find out iOS compressed file (file name is 支付宝钱包支付开发包标准版(iOS).zip).

1.   Import code

2.   Remarks for Running Demo Code

3.   Configuration

4.   Example on logic of code


Decompress API compressed file (file name is, find out Android compressed file (file name is 支付宝钱包支付开发包标准版(Android).zip). Standard SDK is provided to seller’s application to integrate via .jar package, open alipay-sdk-common folder to obtain alipaySDK-20150602.jar, and as for the issue date of the last 8 digit  identifiers, sellers can trace the time of SDK version creation in accordance with date time.

1.   Import development resource

2.   Modify manifest

3.   Add confusing rules

4.   Generate order data

5.   Call payment API

6.   Payment Result Handling

7.   Obtain the SDK version 


SDK payment has two models: if there is Alipay wallet, it will directly jump to Alipay wallet to pay; if there is no Alipay wallet, it will automatically switch to H5 payment within SDK. It is recommended that the seller should test both scenarios (with or without Alipay wallet). For exceptional scenarios, please contact Global Merchant Technical Support for processiong details.