Alipay, China's leading third-party online payment solutionAlipay, China's leading third-party online payment solution


Audience and purpose

This guide is written for application developers who want to integrate AlipayHK APP payment solution. Implementing this solution requires software development skills. You must write code that uses the API request and reply fields to integrate AlipayHK APP payment solution into your existing order management system.

What is the AlipayHK APP payment solution?

AlipayHK APP payment solution is mainly used to provide convenient, safe and reliable payment services to third-party applications. After integrating the AlipayHK SDK payment service, both the Alipay and AlipayHK wallet are supported. You should present both the Alipay payment button and the AlipayHK payment button on your website for the buyers to complete the payment.

Why do you need the AlipayHK APP payment solution?

  • Offer consumers a convenient, safe, and reliable payment experience.
  • Deduct payment amount from the consumer's account in real-time in HKD and settle the payment to you in HKD.
  • Check/download transaction and settlement information conveniently.

Customer Support

For technical questions, please contact Global Merchant Technical Support ( 
For non-technical questions, like how to sign up with AlipayHK, please contact Global Merchant Business Support (


1. Request

A process of transmitting data in the form of character string required by Android/iOS client to receipient party.

2. Return

AlipayHK returns processed result data in the form of character string to Android/iOS client directly.

3. Notification

Asynchronous notification from AlipayHK server to merchant. AlipayHK server takes the initiative to notify and feeds the processed result back to merchant’s website after the data received has been processed by AlipayHK.

4. H5 Payment

H5 payment uses the H5 page appears in the browser or Webview embedded in APP to complete payment.

5. Native Payment

Native payment calls AlipayHK App for Native page to complete payment.