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      Before going live, you must complete a full test of your integration:

      1. Ensure that integration best practices provided in the Best practice section are followed by all acquirers and merchants.
      2. Integration POC: integrate APIs in the sandbox environment
        • Mainly focus on connectivity testing to resolve any infrastructure and environment issues. 
        • Understand the usage scenarios of different APIs.
        • Use generated reports to validate funds received and reconcile balances.
      1. Acceptance testing(in sandbox environment).
        • Pass all the acceptance test cases in the Alipay Developer Center to ensure a high-quality integration. Especially, test exceptions by using test cases.
      1. Pilot testing (in the pre-prod environment or production environment)
        • End-to-end integration testing
        • Trial for a specific user in the whitelist

      For more information about how to test in sandbox, see Alipay Developer Center user guide.

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      Alipay Developer Center user guide