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      Secure file transmission

      Fulfill these security requirements to ensure secure file transmission.

      #SFTP account management 

      If the SFTP server of Alipay is used, contact technical support to obtain the credentials to login to the SFTP server. 

      If the SFTP server of a partner is used, partners must complete the SFTP server system configuration on Alipay first. 

      #File transfer process 

      File exchange happens between Alipay and partners. 

      For the file sender, the file uploading process is as follows:


      Figure 1. File uploading process

      For file receiver, the file downloading process is as follows: 


      Figure 2. File downloading process 

      #Pre-upload process 

      Before the transmission, encrypt files by using the PGP algorithm to enhance the transmission security. A .asc suffix is added to the encrypted file to differentiate it from the unencrypted file. 

      #Upload files 

      To prevent temporary files from being wrongly downloaded, rename the file by appending a .tmp suffix to the file name before uploading. After the transmission is completed, rename the file back to the original name by removing the .tmp suffix. 

      #Download files 

      Do not download the temporary file, which is ended with a .tmp suffix. 

      After the file is downloaded, decrypt the file by using the PGP algorithm. 

      #File retention 

      Files on the SFTP server can be kept for seven days. Files older than seven days are automatically removed from the server.