Alipay uses the notifyRegistrationStatus API to send the merchant registration result to the merchant. 


A message consists of a header and body. The following sections are focused on the body structure. For the header structure, see: 

Note: Set the data type of each field (except array) as String. This means that you must use double quotation marks (" ") to enclose the field value. Examples:

  • If the data type of a field is Integer and its value is 20, set it as "20". 
  • If the data type of a field is Boolean and its value is true, set it as "true". 

Request parameters

referenceMerchantId String  

The secondary merchant ID that is assigned by the acquirer.

More information about this field:

  • Maximum length: 64 characters

registrationRequestId String  

The unique ID used to identify a registration request. 

More information about this field:

  • Maximum length: 64 characters

referenceStoreId String  

The store ID assigned by the acquirer to identify a store, which is associated with the merchant.

Maximum length: 32 characters

registrationResult RegistrationResult object 

The wallet registration result information

Child parameters

pspRegistrationResultList Array<PSPRegistrationResult> object 

The registration result from Alipay+ MPP (Alipay+ Mobile Payment Partner).

Child parameters

Response parameters

result Result object REQUIRED

The request result contains information such as status and error codes.

Child parameters
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Request Body (Alipay to merchant)


Response Body (merchant to Alipay)

Error codes

Error codes are usually classified into the following categories:

  • Common error codes: common for all online and in-store payment APIs.
  • API-specific error codes: listed in the following table.  

Result/Error codes

CodeValueMessageFurther action

The registration is successful, no further action is needed.