Alipay Europe PSD2 API

The PSD2 API offered by Alipay Europe is designed and documented to support the aims of the second Payment Services Directive.

Our PSD2 API allow Third Party Providers (“TPP”) to subscribe for account aggregation and payment initiation services and provide TPPs with information to retrieve data for Alipay EU client account.

We invite all TPPs to test our API to ensure seamless and intuitive integration.


How to Access the API?


To access to Alipay PSD2 API, please click the following link and follow the instructions:-



Availability and Performance Test


Here are the availability and performance stats for our various interfaces:

Statistic Q2 2020

Statistic Q3 2020

Statistic Q4 2020

Statistic Q1 2021

Statistic Q2 2021

Statistic Q3 2021


For technical questions or issues please contact Alipay Europe at the following email address: