SFTP Connection

The AlipayHK system implements the White List mechanism, and the partner needs to notify AlipayHK of its public IPs. Then, AlipayHK releases a username together with password to the partner to test the accessibility and reconciliation file parsing/cron job. If these testings are successful, the partner can push the system to the production.

The settlement zip file contains multiple settlement files and one settlement batch file.

Alternatively, the partner also can manually access the merchant dashboard to download the reconciliation and settlement report. However, no indicator of the payment APP used by the buyer exists.

The file naming rule is:

  1. Transaction File: PID_fptrade_YYYYMMDD.csv;
  2. Settlement Zip File: PID_YYYYMMDD.zip
  3. Settlement Batch File: PID_settlebatch_YYYYMMDD.csv;
  4. Settlement File: PID_settle_YYYYMMDD_BatchID.csv;