Going Live

You can integrate the demo code or write your own code and run in Alipay production environment. If you use demo code, change the following settings:

Change the Gateway

Change Alipay gateway to production URL in the AlipaySubmit.java file: 


Get the production PID and key

Go to Alipay Merchant Portal and log in with your user ID. Click My Technical Service after login. You can check your PID and MD5 Key.

The MD5 Key can be used when you apply Alipay solutions in your online/offline store. To check this Key, you need to enter your payment password.

Going Live

After entering the password, you can get an MD5 Key:

Going Live

The PID is an identification number that is used frequently when you are using Alipay solutions. This PID is tied to the Email which you used to login merchant portal. You can always check your PID here when you forget.

Going Live

The RSA or RSA2 key is not provided on Alipay Merchant Portal and need to be created by using the OpenSSL tool or Alipay API tool. After creating the keys, you need to exchange keys with Alipay. For more information about exchanging keys, see Key pair generation and validation

Configure the account and key

Change the account and key to your real account and key in the AlipayConfig.java file.

Going Live