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      Alipay vending machine solution can free customers from loose changes and help merchants to have a better control of the inventory. In addition, existing machines can be upgraded easily with no or little hardware cost.

      #User experience

      Customer scans the QR code on the vending machine to pay for merchandises by using Alipay wallet. To have an overview of the user interaction, see the following figure:

      VM ux.jpg

      Figure 1. Checkout with Alipay on the vending machine

      Complete the following steps: 

      1. Scan the QR code to enter the payment page. The customer scans the QR code on the vending machine with their Alipay app to access the payment pageVM
      2. Top up before purchase. The customer deposits a certain amount of money at the payment page
      3. Choose merchandise from the vending machine. The customer selects the target merchandise from the vending machine.
      4. Receive the change. After the purchases are finished, the remaining balance (where applicable) is returned to customer's Alipay account

      #Solution benifits

      At present, various kinds of vending machines are placed in sites such as subway stations, airports, and similar public places. However, in most cases, the payment methods supported are still traditional ones such as cash and credit card payment. For numerous Alipay users, the shopping experience will be greatly enhanced if they can use Alipay to complete the purchase process on the vending machine, without bothering to exchange coins or worrying about the security of credit card usage. View detailed benefits of this solution as below.

      Easy payment that enhance the shopping journey

      Free your customers from the hassle of exchanging currencies or using cards. Attract numerous Alipay users by providing the convinence of paying in their familar method. 

      Upgrade machines with little hardware costs 

      Extra hardwares, such as screen, are not mandatory. This solution can be adopted as long as the vending machines process transactions and sync the results online

      Boost sales with powerful marketing support

      Alipay constantly reward users and merchants with various promotion programs. Merchants can even receive activity support and free POSMs from Alipay to carry out field marketings. 

      Gain data insights for business decisions

      Derive insights from data and make better business decisions. For example, have a good control of the inventory based on customer purchase intension.

      Good scalability for business growth

      If new vending machines are added, the service provider can easily apply this solution by deploying new QR codes to machines. 

      #Before vs. after

      The following figure illustrates the change of transaction volume trends of an Australian beverage vending machine. In the figure, the blue line shows the transaction volume trends with Alipay enabled, and the black line shows the transaction volume trends without Alipay enabled.



      Figure 2.  Transaction volume trends

      From the preceding figure, it can be found that Alipay has brought an increas of 2000~3000 transactions per month for this beverage vending machine. 

      #Solution flow

      Service providers can refer to the following solution flows to design and deploy the system.

      VM merchant QR code.png

      Figure 3. Vending machine (merchant QR code) solution flow