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This document targets at the technical person who are intending to integrate with the Transaction QR Code Payment solution.


QR Code

Quick Response Code (QR Code) consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device and processed. The required data are then extracted from patterns that are present in both horizontal and vertical components of the image, as depicted below.


In this Transaction QR Code payment solution, the merchant system will send a request to the Alipay system with the transaction data, and the Alipay will respond a QR Code to represent the transaction.


In this context, the interface is the channel that the Alipay system provides the relevant service by invoking the corresponding APIs with the required parameter values. Throughout this guide, we might use interface and serive interchangeably.

The Product

The Transaction QR Code Payment solution is making use of the dynamically produced QR code to represent a transaction. In this payment solution, the customer does not need to input the transaction amount, but scan the generated QR code to complete the payment.

To provide such a payment service, the merchant needs to integrate with Alipay system through the interfaces that have been developed for this product.

The Alipay Service

To achieve the integration of Transaction QR Code Payment, you need to make use of the following Alipay services:

  • alipay.acquire.precrearte (PRECREATE).
  • This service is able to create a transaction while the customer’s information (such as the barcode from customer as the barcode payment) is absent, and this feature meets the requirement of the Transaction QR Code Payment.
  • (REFUND).
  • This interface provides the ability to refund a transaction either fully or partially provided it is within the refundable period.
  • alipay.acquire.overseas.query (QUERY).
  • This service enables the merchant to query a transaction’s status by these two parameters, partner_trans_id and alipay_trans_id.
  • alipay.acquire.cancel (CANCEL).
  • This interface serves to completely roll back a transaction within the transaction day(GMT+8), which can be successfully completed or not.

Customer Support

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