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      Alipay ticket solution provides users with services of mobile payment, paperless tickets, online reservation, and centralized display of attraction information. With this digital transformation solution, customers can buy tickets and reserve restaurants in a supremely convenient way without waiting for hours. The whole tour experience can be largely improved by the easy access to online tour guides and various promotions offered by the scenic spots.

      #Application scenarios

      The solution can be adopted for zoos, theme parks, natural parks, museums, or any other attractions where ticket purchasing experience needs to be optimized. 

      #User experience

      The main services Alipay ticket solution provides are about electronic payments and information display.

      Electronic payments

      With the Alipay solution, customers can display payment QR code to pay for the ticket and then get the ticket instantly. 

      Here are the steps that customers take to make a ticket purchase:

      1. Open the payment QR code in Alipay wallet.
      2. Display the payment QR code to the attraction staff.
      3. The payment QR code is scanned by a scanner to complete payment.
      4. Use the mobile device to enter the attraction without a paper ticket.


      Information display

      After completing the payment, customers might browse the Alipay discovery platform to get coupon for an immediate offer or explore more relevant promotions:

      1. Open the Alipay discovery platform.
      2. Select the city you are travelling to.
      3. Get coupons and other related information.


      #Solution benefits

      Alipay ticket solution can provide customers a supremely convenient and relaxed ticket purchase experience. Both the customers and merchants can benifit from the Alipay solution.

      #Solution benefits for merchants

      Better purchasing and reservation experience

      Popular attractions usually have many customers queuing in line for getting the attraction ticket, especially during the peak hours. Alipay ticket solution can speed up the ticket purchasing process by providing a cashless and efficient payment method with minimum actions to take by both customers and cashier staff. Even if customers are at home, they can make ticket purchases and restaurant reservations through a mobile device. Besides, Alipay provides a pretty good exchange rate when settling the payment.

      Easier financial managment, higher operation efficiency

      With a unified entry provided by Alipay for digital bill traffics, you can get the data for purchase easily from the Alipay system. Besides, less cash income means less cash management risk and cost. Your financial management is greatly simplified. 

      Previously, daily accouting is not an easy work. Financial management takes time and labor resources. Besides, it is not easy to make a statistical study of the orders made during a day if you already have limited labor resources. With Alipay service, you can easily access to the data of all bills, and make good use of your daily business data to analyze the customer flow pattern, optimize the attraction management, and keep your financial status healthy and in order.

      More accessible marketing promotion and coupon issuance:

      Alipay provides a discovery platform with marketing campaign or coupon issuance for its users, which is the best advertising position for attractions to expose their services, activities, or any other userful information for in-destination toutists after they complete the ticket purchase on Alipay. 

      ThereforeAlipay can not only change the payment way, but also provide a new and more efficient way to  display information about promotion and coupons.

      #Solution benefits for service providers

      Service providers refer to those who provide services for integrating with Alipay solutions.

      Relying on the openness of the Alipay platform, ISVs can quickly open the market and gain revenue.  Grow and share the ecological dividend together with Alipay. Alipay can provide the following benitifs for ISV/ISOs:

      • The most powerful technical support and the latest technology sharing in the electronic payment industry.
      • Successful digitalization experience from China market.

      #Solution flow

      By adopting the Alipay solution, customers are supported to pay through the payment QR code. The solution flow of Alipay attraction ticket purchase solution involves three parties to act: 

      • The customer
      • Merchant / Acquirer, which may perform a direct integration to AliPay or via an acquirer
      • Alipay

      ticket solutionflow.png