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      Instruction for iTest

      iTest helps developers debug interfaces in the sandbox environment.

      #Before you start

      Before using iTest, go to Alipay Developers Center, enter the Integration Settings section, and configure your settings for the sandbox environment.

      1. Click Sandbox tab and click Edit public key.


      1. Enter your public key and click Submit.


      If you do not have one, you can download the tool for generating RSA2 keys and use it to generate your keys.


      1. Enter your notification URL. The notification URL is used for receiving notifications.



      Instead of using iTest, you can also download Postman script to debug locally.

      #Use iTest

      To test an interface integration, complete the following steps:

      1. In the Request tab, select the specific interface, wallet and device (if applicable, which depends on the payment product for your application) you need to test. For example:


      1. Enter your private key. The platform will not save your key.


      1. (Optional) Edit the request message in the Request Body field.


      1. Click Send to send the request.


      After the request is sent, the response message is then displayed in the Response tab to the right side of the screen.

      The request is signed automatically. How the request is signed is displayed in the Signing tutorial tab.

      To start using the iTest tool, go to Alipay Developers Center, create an application, and then locate iTest under Development Tools.