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      Alipay primary POSM application instructions

      1. Alipay provides free Primary POSM. Contracted service providers can apply for Primary POSM at Alipay Global Open Platform for merchant acquisition, maintenance, and so on.

      1. Service providers apply for Primary POSM at the material management page after login to Alipay Global Open Platform.

      1. The type and quantity of Primary POSM a service provider can apply depends on the service provider's transaction performance. The more transaction performs, the more Primary POSM the service provider can apply. Each application must order with an integral multiple of full box quantity. The applicable quantity will be shown on the page.

      1. Service providers can submit Primary POSM applications at any time. Alipay will regularly review to confirm applications before delivery.

      1. During the review, Alipay might contact service providers by phone or email to verify the delivery information.

      1. After the application is approved, Alipay will send the Primary POSM order to the supplier. After producing and then dispatching the Primary POSM, the supplier will submit the shipment number to Alipay Global Open Platform.

      1. Depending on each country's customs policies, service providers might need to provide customs declaration documents or information of the Primary POSM. The actual delivery time varies depending on the production and transportation of the Primary POSM.

      1. Primary POSM deployment guide please refer to Alipay Primary POSM Display Guidance.

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