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The Alipay membership card solution offers abilities to create, modify, and issue membership cards to customers on Alipay wallet. The ability to synchronize transactions of membership cards is also supported. With this solution, you can perform further development for featured membership card applications in the specific industry and use the custom membership card to attract more return customers and inspire more purchases.


This solution is based on the Alipay app. For solutions that support multiple e-wallets, contact technical support at

User experience

The customer first needs to obtain the Alipay membership card either through a merchant's offline or online channel.

Offline membership card application

Merchants can use an in-store QR code for membership card marketing. After scanning the QR code, the customer will be directed to an Alipay mini program page where they can get the Alipay membership card.


Figure 1. Membership card application via an offline channel

Online membership card application

Merchants can use online channels in the Alipay app for membership card marketing. Customers can be directed to the membership card's mini program page, where they can obtain the card.


Figure 2. Membership card application via an online channel

After the customer gets the membership card, the customer can use the membership card during a purchase by following these steps:

  1. The customer opens the Alipay wallet and show the corresponding membership card to the cashier.
  2. The cashier scans the membership card barcode with a scanner to complete the member registration.
  3. The customer clicks the 去付款 button to start the payment process. The customer is automatically directed to the main Alipay barcode payment page.
  4. The cashier scans the Alipay barcode on the payment page to complete the payment. Consumption points will then be added to the membership system, and member benefits can be redeemed in the future according to the accumulated points.

Solution benefits

Boost larger trading volume

Member benefits can greatly inspire purchases, and a merchant's trading volume can be boosted with a membership card marketing strategy. In many cases, transaction volume is positively related to the number of issued membership cards.

Create more return customers

A membership card strategy is also a great way to retain customers, promote brand recall, and boost repeat visits. With a membership card, the customer is actively engaged with your brand, and this improved purchase experience encourages more return consumers and promotes repeat consumption behavior.

Solution flow

After the merchant integrates with the Alipay membership card solution, Alipay users can scan the assigned mini program QR code with the app to open the membership card, or enter the membership card mini program through a specific link. The following diagram illustrates the overall solution flow: 

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Figure 3. Membership card solution flow