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      Alipay fast food self-service payment solution can provide customers an unparalleled restaurant self-ordering and self-purchasing experience. This solution allows customers to browse the menu, place an order, add options, and pay the bill freely without cashier's presence. With this digital payment transformation solution, labor cost is largely reduced but better customer experience is created with less waiting time, eliminated language barrier, and no cash involved.

      #Application scenarios

      Alipay fast food self-service payment solution can be used in all scenarios where people want to save time from ordering and checking out. With this solution, the queuing time can be greatly reduced, which is especially beneficial for both customers and merchants during the peak period of the popular services.

      A parking function can also be embedded on the homepage, and users can directly enter the parking payment service.

      Here are some typical scenarios that will adapt pretty well to self-service machines.

      • Take-away
      • Drive-Thru (for Europe and America):

      A drive-through, or more commonly drive-thru (a sensational spelling of the word through), is a type of service provided by a business that allows customers to purchase products without leaving their cars. 

      #User experience

      With the Alipay fast food self-service payment solution, customers can use the self-service machine to make an order and check out. Alipay fast food self-service payment solution includes two ways to check out.

      Barcode payment

      Also called B-scan-C payment, with which customers pay the bill by providing their payment QR code for merchants to scan.

      Merchant QR code payment

      Also called C-scan-B payment, with which customers pay the bill by scanning the merchant QR code and pay.

      User experiences for each way to pay are slightly different: 

      Barcode payment

      The following graphic shows the hardware deployment of the Alipay solution and the ordering page that the customer might see.


      Here are the steps that customers take to make a self service:

      1. Start the order, pick up one pager, and enter the buzzer number in the self-service ordering machine.
      2. Choose desired dishes and place an order.
      3. Select between the to-go service or dine-in service.
      4. Choose Alipay to pay and open the pay-to-merchants function of Alipay wallet on the mobile device.
      5. The scanner lights up and prompt to scan the Alipay wallet.
      6. Get an automatically-printed receipt.
      7. When the buzzer vibrates, food is ready to be taken.

      fast food user ex.png

      Merchant QR code payment
      The process of selecting dishes and placing orders are quite similar to the fast food self-service solution with barcode payment method, the only difference exists in the process of checking out. To check out with the merchant QR code payment method, customers complete the following actions:

      1. Customers use the Alipay wallet to scan the merchant QR code and the cashier page will be activated.
      2. Enter the amount to pay and submit the payment request.

      user ex merchant.png

      #Solution benefits

      Alipay fast food solution connects merchants and customers more closely by providing an efficient order and pay platform. With less labor cost, but better dining experience, customers and merchants can both benefit from this Alipay solution.

      #Solution benefits for merchants

      Less queuing time, better customer experience

      Popular fast food restaurants or any other popular service providers usually have too many customers queuing in line for getting a service, especially during the peak hours. Self-service machine can make the customers serve themselves by provding services on the machine in an easy way.

      Besides, digitalized order and checkout process saves customers from preparing cash in the local currency and the language barrier with cashiers. Alipay provides very favorable exchange rate for the overseas payments.

      Easy to use

      Customers don't need to be trained before using the machine because the machine is designed in a quite easy and user-friendly way for customers to make an order and check out.

      Less labor cost, maximized profit

      Cashier-staffed checkout and waiters-served ordering are quite costly for the merchant. Labor costs can be a significant expense for any business, and can be the single largest expense for a small business with a growing workforce. By importing self-service machines, less employees needed in the business. You can cut your labor cost and maximize your profits.

      Accessible without Internet

      Alipay users can complete the payment even when no internect connected.

      #Solution benefits for service providers

      Service providers refer to those who provide services for integrating with Alipay solutions.

      Relying on the openness of the Alipay platform, ISVs can quickly open the market and gain revenue.  Grow and share the ecological dividend together with Alipay. Alipay can provide the following benitifs for ISV/ISOs:

      • The most powerful technical support and the latest technology sharing in the electronic payment industry.
      • Successful digitalization experience from China market.

      #Solution flow

      By adopting the Alipay solution, the customer is supported to order and check out on the self-service machine. Service providers can follow the solution flow to design and deploy the system.

      Barcode payment:

      The scanner is activated after the customer places an order on the self-service machine. The customer opens the payment QR code in the customer's Alipay wallet and uses the scanner to scan the QR code. Then, the payment is completed.image.png

      Merchant QR code payment:

      The payment proccess initiates when customers scan the merchant QR code to pay.