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Connecting to a public Wi-Fi can be challenging for Chinese tourists aboard due to language barriers and unfamiliar procedures. The Alipay Wi-Fi connection solution solves this issue with a simplified Wi-Fi connection process for Chinese customers using the Alipay app, and also protects Wi-Fi users from phishing and other forms of online fraud. Customers can connect to Wi-Fi with a one-click authorization, and merchants can build an instant connection with the customer by offering precision promotion information.


Figure 1. Main phases of Alipay Wi-Fi solution


This solution is based on the Alipay app. For solutions that support multiple e-wallets, contact technical support at

User experience

With the Alipay Wi-Fi connection solution, a dedicated Wi-Fi can be built specifically for Chinese customers. Chinese customers can connect to the Wi-Fi by authorizing their user data from Alipay app with just one click. After connecting to the Wi-Fi successfully, nearby specials and promotions are displayed on the page for customers to browse. Customers can connect to the Alipay Wi-Fi connection process by following these steps:

  1. Select Alipay SSID.
  2. Select to log in with Alipay on the prompt page.
  3. Authorize to share personal data to the Wi-Fi provider that cooperates with Alipay.
  4. Get redirected to a page with the connection result. Additional information such as advertisements or nearby promotions might be displayed on this page based on the merchant configuration.

Wifi user ex.png

Figure 2. User experience of Alipay Wi-Fi solution

Solution benefits

Alipay Wi-Fi connection solution can connect the merchant and the customer efficiently by providing a fast and convenient Wi-Fi service. Customers and merchants can both benefit from this Alipay solution.

Optimize Wi-Fi connection experience for customers

The traditional login process to a Wi-Fi network needs complicated operations and involves English interface, which prevents Chinese customers from making a Wi-Fi connection easily and quickly. Alipay Wi-Fi connection solution provides an optimized Wi-Fi connection experience for all Chinese customers by simplifying the connection process and enhancing the Wi-Fi security, which greatly increases the customer satisfaction. 

Increase precision marketing opportunity for merchants

A page with marketing information and coupons from nearby merchants can be displayed to customers after the Wi-Fi connection is built successfully. The merchant can easily deliver tailored advertising to anyone who connects to the Wi-Fi network with the Alipay solution. This provides merchants with an opportunity to more accurately target the branding advertising based on the customer profile.


Solution flow

After the merchant integrates with the Alipay Wi-Fi solution, users can log in with their Alipay account to get a Wi-Fi connection. The following diagram illustrates the overall solution flow: 


Figure 3. Alipay Wi-Fi solution flow