Make Your App A Super App
Make your App an open platform and allow 3rd-party developers to build Mini Programs on it.

Independent module development is more efficient and flexible.

Mini Program is a new mobile application development paradigm. It creates openness in your mobile app and allows 3rd-party developers to build new services and features on top of your app. These services and features can be dynamically delivered to the users without the need for republishing your mobile app.

Provide open capabilities for wallets

Provide open capabilities for wallets. The wallet can open its own capabilities to the 3rd-party developers. The Mini Programs developed by the 3rd-party developers can be put into the wallet to expand the wallet's business scenarios. At the same time, the Mini Programs can be easily obtained and disseminated.
Lower effort on development, higher return on business
An one-stop development platform and to make your business successful.
App Container
A high productivity and secure runtime environment for mini programs.
  • Manages and runs Mini Programs
  • Provides rich UI components
  • Offers infrastructure APIs for developer to access device, storage or network status.
  • Support customization of native components such as titlebar, loading view, error view, JS API, etc.
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Mini Program Studio
The fastest way for developers to biuld mini programs for your app. Features include.
  • Syntax highlighting and autocomplete
  • Code debugging with simulator or remote devices
  • Git commands built-in
  • Deploy with confidence and ease
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Developer Center
One-stop development platform for the developers to manage Mini Programs, members and releases.
  • Developer onboarding
  • Mini Program management
  • Data Analytics
  • Security & Safety
  • Approval for submission of 3rd-party Mini Programs
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How It Works?
Developers use web technology to develop these files in a DSL project.
These files will go through the process of compilation and construction, and finally generate a "ZIP package", add a signature on the basis of this package to verify its security, and finally put it on our server.

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