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How can I make payments via Alipay?

We are sorry that you might contact the wrong service center. Global.alipay.com is for overseas merchants who collect payments from Chinese customers to apply Alipay Payment Services. For individual customers, please contact: China: 95188 Overseas: +86-571-95188. For Taobao customers, please contact Taobao customer service: Hong Kong(00852): 22155300 Taiwan(00886): 02-77063088 Singapore (0065): 8001886018 Malaysia (0060): 1800815783 Other regions: (+86) 571-88158198 For AliExpress customers, please contact AliExpress Customer Service: Payments and refund related issues: https://icshall.alipay.com/hall/index.htm?sourceId=ihome Orders, logistic, and dispute related issues: http://www.aliexpress.com/help/newContactUs.htm If you are merchant on Aliexpress, please contact: https://icshall.alipay.com/seller/index.htm?language=zh_CN