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What is iDiagnose

iDiagnose is a function provided by Alipay sandbox to help you to pinpoint errors when certain error codes are returned in the integration process. With iDiagnose, you can improve integration efficiency and quality with lower integration cost and better user experience.

The supported error codes by now:

  • INVALID_PARAMETER from interface alipay.acquire.overseas.spot.pay

How to Use iDiagnose

Before using iDiagnose, you must have an Alipay merchant account. See Creating an Alipay merchant account for details.


When an error code is returned during your integration, follow the steps below to pinpoint the error:

  1. Login to iSandbox, and then go to iDiagnose.
  2. Select the product, API, and error code.
  3. Enter your request URL in the box.
  4. Click Diagnose.
  5. The diagnostics result is then displayed. You can adjust your request accordingly.

Result Sample

One or more required parameters are missing in the request URL.