Alipay Brand Use Standards

I         General

1.    This standards applies to Alipay overseas cooperative partners (including ISO, ISV and Overseas Acquirers). Overseas cooperative partners shall strictly comply with the rules set out under this standards for the use of all sources, materials and templates of Alipay brand.

2.    The long-term sound development of “Alipay” brand may require the joint effort of all cooperative partners. This standards is to help overseas cooperative partners better understand on “Alipay” brand and its use and jointly maintain and protect the brand image of “Alipay” in a better way.

3.    This standards is to provide a guideline for “Alipay” brand use. Without Alipay or the brand owners’ prior written approval, no cooperative partner can use any assets, materials or templates of “Alipay” brand.

4.    This standards will be renewed from time to time. Considering the market, operation or other actual situations, we will make adjustments to this standards within a certain period. Alipay will notice its cooperative partners by announcement on its website or official emails or other methods. Please keep paying attention to any amendments and operating in accordance with the latest version of this standards.

II         Detailed Rules

1.     Rules for Official Introduction

- Cooperative Partners shall use the following format when introducing themselves to others: Alipay Cooperative Partner(s)

- No cooperative partners may use any other forms for promotions in any situations or medium (including but not limited to recruitment, cooperative promotion, web pages, posters, operations manual or communications with clients) by any ways (including written and oral): including but not limited to declare itself as the agent, products dealer, agency or intermediary, employee or partner, the biggest or the sole or the strategic cooperative partner of Alipay or the sale service center, branch, office, channel operational center of Alipay in XX area.

2.     Rules for Official Digital Platform of Cooperative Partners 

- The corporate name, the domain name of website or others used by cooperative partners shall be filed with Alipay. No name, trademark, domain name, image, figure or other content of Alipay and its affiliates (including “Ant Financial Service”, “Ant Financial”, “Ant”, “Ant Fortune”, “Alipay”, “Sesame Credit”, “MY bank”, “Yu’E Bao”, “Zhao Cai Bao”, “Ant Huabei”, “Ant Jiebei”, “Huabei”, “Jiebei”, “Ant Forest”, “Ant Financial Cloud”, “Ant Members”, “Ant Financial Open Platform”, “Ant Merchants Platform”, “Ant Insurance”, any afore-mentioned brand) can be included in the company name, domain name of websites or any content of other sites of cooperative partners.

-The headline of cooperative partners’ website shall be its company name (or its brand). If it is necessary to use Alipay logo, the headline shall be designed following the “Brand Materials Standards – Digital Material”. Regarding the “Cooperative Brands” (or other similar boards) in the official website of any cooperative partners, the Alipay logo in the Brand Material Standards shall be applied.

3.     Application Standards in Cooperative Partners Offices

- Alipay will officially provide the design templates for printing materials (with Alipay’s logo) like work cards, POLO, nameplates of the office scene and business cards. Please strictly follow the designing and production rules when making secondary designing and producing.

- Without official approvals and recognitions of Alipay, the factors related to “Alipay” brand shall not be used in the non-official material models.

4.     Various Marketing Activities hosted by Cooperative Partners

- No activities hosted by cooperative partners, including any meetings organized for merchants promotion or sales, shall be in the name of “Alipay” or invite any clients by indicating that the activities are hosted, undertaken or assisted by “Alipay”.

No activities materials or the materials, letters of invitation, stands of marketing expo shall use any factors related to “Alipay” brand.

- The head of invitation letters shall be the brand of cooperative partners and shall not be “Alipay” logo (which is the main picture) so that the client will not be misled and believe the invitation is brought out by or the expo is hosted by Alipay or its affiliates. If it is necessary to use “Alipay” logo, please follow the logo application standards for “Alipay” cooperative partners after approval by Alipay officially.

- The materials of activity sites shall mainly be the cooperative partners’ company and its brands. No banner or main background shall substantially appear “Alipay” logo or any other brands under Ant Financial group. If it is necessary to use “Alipay” logo, please follow the logo application standards for “Alipay” cooperative partners after approved by Alipay officially.

- The cooperative partners are prohibited from authorizing clients to use or issuing any title or medals with Alipay logo or any other brands under Ant Financial group.

5.     Application of Factors, Images and IP of other Brands

- The brand information of any other non-Alipay brands (other than Alipay) and “Alipay” related factors shall not simultaneously appear in the promotional materials in connection with brand factors of “Alipay”.

- Without authorization, no factor of other brand images and IP can be used singly or appear with other brands information (such as “Alipay” logo) at the same time.

- No fonts, images, patterns or other visual factors and content information may violate any international, local and PRC laws.

6.     Tips

Cooperative partners shall stop using any logos once the cooperation agreements (the agreement name shall be the name of the agreement that actually signed by both parties) with Alipay terminates or Alipay solely notices to cancel the right of the cooperative partners to keep using Alipay logos.

- This norm constitutes a part of Management Rules for Alipay Overseas Service Providers and Management Rules for Alipay Overseas Acquirers. If any cooperative partner violates this norm, Alipay and its affiliates will have the right to execute the punishment relating to any violations on the cooperative partner according to agreed provisions.

- Cooperative partners shall perform this norm internally and keep its continuity.

Updated on August 27, 2018