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01.What is the "Alipay Cross-Border E-Payment Service?"

Alipay Cross-Border E-Payment Service is a payment solution that allows buyers to pay for goods sold on international partner merchant websites using Renminbi (RMB). Alipay will then remit the sum in a foreign currency (one of the twelve that are currently supported) to the international merchant in settlement.

02. How will international online merchants benefit from Alipay's Cross-Border E-Payment Service

As of December 2010, Alipay has more than 550 million users and facilitates around 8.5 million transactions every day. Alipay's payment solution provides international merchants with access to the burgeoning Chinese market at a low cost and also efficiently.

03. Do I need to set up a company and open a bank account in China?

There is no need to set up a company nor open a bank account in China. Settlements with international partner merchant companies are remitted directly to the merchant's international banking account in one of the twelve currently-supported currencies.

04. How will the exchange rate be determined in the Cross-Border E-Payment service process?

The spot exchange rate provided by partner settlement banks (China Construction Bank or Bank of China) is used in the Cross-Border E-Payment Service. When a buyer purchases a product from an international e-commerce website, this spot exchange rate will be used to convert the foreign currency into RMB and the converted RMB amount will then be deducted from the buyer's account.

05. When will the sellers receive payment?

When the buyer has completed the payment, the amount will be allocated to a partner settlement bank for currency exchange, and then the payment amount will be remitted into the seller's international bank account once the agreed settlement amount or settlement time is met.

06. How are transaction disputes resolved?

Transaction disputes are resolved between the buyer and the seller. If a partial or whole refund is agreed upon by both parties and required due to any problem arising from purchased goods, the merchant should file an application with Alipay within 90 days of the transaction date for the refund to the buyer at the original exchange rate. Costs as a result of exchange rate profit or loss will be assumed by Alipay.

07. What languages will the API Technical File Support?

The API technical file currently supports four languages: ASP, PHP, JAVA and .NET.

Techincal Integration Questions :


01. Where can I login Alipay?

The partner ID and security code are only used for interface integration, not for login Alipay. So far the Alipay admin portal is only available for Alipay merchants from Mainland. Hence every merchant's operation (such as refund) should be manipulated through Alipay interface.

02. How the refund works?

The first step is to submit refund request to Alipay via single or batch refund. Then, at the beginning of the next day, the refund is processed automatically. (There is a point need to explain that the RMB fund received by merchant will be changed to foreign currency at the end of every day. Therefore in the new day, zero RMB balance in the Alipay account. ) Due to zero balance, the refund needs to wait sufficient RMB to process, so it is in "waiting" status, and it will be processed until enough RMB is received in the new day.

03. Where I can check the refund status?

The refund transaction status can be checked through the reconciliation file download interface or Alipay admin portal.

04. Can I partially refund?

Alipay do support partially refund, but the refund amount cannot more than the amount of the original transaction.

05. Can I end the refund transaction after I initiate it?

So far refund cannot be closed after started.

06.What would be impact of change in exchange rate on refund? For example, one person has purchased a product on 1st April when banking exchange rate was x. The user came back for refund after a month time and by that time bank's rate of exchange became y. Which rate would be applied on refund?

The exchange rate will be recorded at the time of the transaction is done. Hence when the refund is processed, the corresponding rate will be retrieved from database.

07. What is the difference between the notify_url and return_url?

After finishing the payment, buyer will redirect to merchant website, and the return_url is related to this function. Moreover some data will return by the return_url.
However the transaction cannot be confirmed base on "return_url" data, due to the return data can be changed manually.
The notify_url is set for receiving the notification which is sent by Alipay automatically when the transaction is done. The follow is the example of the notification: notify_id=2c0fbb7880e40704dc6eb869aec4115d¬ify_type=trade_status_sync&sign=fca1b466b33868a93b5bd7eae7179ce2&trade_no=2009042976780315&
total_fee=8.00&out_trade_no=2009/04/291103¬ify_time=2009-04-29 11:04:04¤cy=JPY&trade_status=TRADE_FINISHED&sign_type=MD5
Those data is safe, moreover it can be confirmed that the transaction is done base on the notification.

08.How the notify_url page works?

ASP Alipay_Notify.asp
PHP notify_url.php
JAVA alipay_notify.jsp
.NET Alipay_Notify.aspx
The main function of notify page is to receive notifications. However it also needs to inform Alipay that the notification is successfully received. If everything is ok, then it will display "success" otherwise "fail". After send notification, Alipay will call notify page to make sure notification is received. Hence if it displays "success", Alipay will stop sending the notification otherwise keep sending.

09. Why Alipay don't call the notify page?

Check firewall to make sure the notification is not blocked by firewall.

10. When I change the "currency" to "EURO", it will pop up an error. But if we keep it as USD, it works fine, so can we change the "currency" parameter, how can we do that?

Before partner id and security code released, there is a contract. The settlement currency is written on it. Hence in the integration, the parameter of currency should be set to the currency which is on the contract.

11. Do you offer an Alipay account for testing payment?

Yes, We offer test accounts in sandbox and production environments, please send an email to to obtain.