Alipay ePass

Full Access to the World's Biggest Online Market

Alipay ePass combines payment, logistics and marketing support to allow you to sell and deliver products directly to individual Chinese consumers through your existing e-commerce website.


Alipay ePass makes it simple for Western brands and retailers to profitably access the world's largest e-commerce market. It allows you to use your existing e-commerce site to directly serve Chinese shoppers:

  • Add the Alipay payment option to your checkout ĘC rely on China's most trusted and most widely used payment service.
  • Offer fast, reasonably priced shipping ĘC provide efficient labeling, customs clearance and door-to-door delivery anywhere in China through the China Smart Logistics (Cainiao) Network.
  • Drive sales via multiple Alibaba channels ĘC build relationships with your target customers in an ecosystem of hundreds of millions of online shoppers.


Alipay ePass is ideal for any retailer or brand that recognizes the potential of the world's biggest e-commerce market. China led the world for both B2C and C2C online purchases in 2013, and its e-tail market could be worth as much as $650 billion by 2020. Even so, it is a complex environment, where customer acquisition, foreign currency payment and cross-border logistics can be difficult.

Alipay ePass has been designed to help Western retailers and brands circumvent these challenges by streamlining transactions and building ongoing relationships with target customers. Current Alipay ePass merchants include leading global brands in the apparel, travel and transport, baby care, cosmetics and health products industries, and more.


Fast-track your China e-commerce strategy with insights from the Alipay ePass team. Our Guide for Western Retailers gives you a glimpse of what Chinese consumers want and how you can capture a share of this vast.



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