Which settlement modes does Alipay support?

    Alipay supports two settlement modes, settlement by amount and settlement by cycle.

    The settlement by amount mode is provided by default for free. The mode has a minimum settlement limit of USD 5,000 or equivalent amount in other foreign currencies.

    When the funds to be settled in a single currency in your account accumulate to USD 5,000 or the equivalent amount in other foreign currencies, Alipay will, within two working days after the settlement conditions are met, pay the funds in the currency that meets the settlement conditions to your registered bank account.

    You can also choose the mode of settlement by cycle for a charge. There are three types of settlement by cycle, by week, by month, and by quarter. The corresponding annual service fees are: USD 500/year, USD 200/year and USD 100/year, respectively.

    If you need to apply for settlement by cycle, please use the registered mailbox to send the application to and forward a copy to

    Once your company's settlement mode changes to settlement by cycle, the settlement will be initiated on the first working day of the following week/month/quarter.

    Due to the nature of international remittance, the fund receipt time depends on the remitting bank, the intermediary bank, and the beneficiary bank. Please wait patiently.