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Product introduction


Flexible Settlement refers to the process in which the service provider helps its merchants to split the transaction funds after accepting the payment. By utilizing the Flexible Settlement capability, service providers such as e-commerce platforms can efficiently collect commissions, split funds to designated participants, and settle the remaining funds to platform merchants.

Product highlight

Using the Flexible Settlement capability, you can achieve the following multiple fund-splitting functions:

  • Multiple scenarios: Supports various scenarios such as commission splitting, influencer promotion splitting, and freight splitting.
  • Multiple industries: Applicable to platform service providers in e-commerce, OTA, O2O, digital entertainment, and many other industries.
  • Multiple participants: Efficiently handles fund splitting involving multiple participants such as suppliers, distributors, and influencers.
  • Multiple currencies: Supports fund splitting in different currencies for participants.
  • Multiple accounts: Allows multiple types of accounts to receive split funds, such as Alipay accounts, bank accounts, e-wallets, WorldFirst accounts, etc.


Figure 1. Highlights of Flexible Settlement


After the buyer completes the payment, the workflow of initiating fund splitting by the platform is as follows:


Figure 2. Workflow of funds splitting

Once the predefined settlement date is reached, Alipay transfers the settlement funds to the merchant. After the transfer is completed, Alipay notifies the platform of the settlement payment result.


Flexible Settlement supports the following interfaces:

Interface name



You can use this interface for independent fund splitting or fund splitting with settlement.


Alipay notifies you of the settlement payment result through this interface.


You can use this interface to request a refund for a split or settled transaction.

Table 1. APIs for Flexible Settlement