Alipay, China's leading third-party online payment solutionAlipay, China's leading third-party online payment solution


      Alipay Cashier Payment is a simple, secure payment experience that allows consumers to purchase with their digital wallet on your site. Shoppers can conveniently select their specific digital wallet payment method and make payments seamlessly.

      With Alipay Developer Center, you can easily get set-up and find the development resources to integrate Alipay's APIs into your own custom application. Our knowledge base articles are there to help you while using our APIs to easily incorporate Alipay's functionality into your web and mobile apps.


      Alipay provides a number of key advantages, such as: 

      Truly glocalized (global + local)

      With both local settlement and cross-border settlement supported, you can accept payments in multiple currencies across the world and allow customers to pay in their local currencies.

      Secure transactions

      Alipay has built-in security mechanism and rule-based risk management, and evaluates risk of every transaction. This ensures that each one of your transaction is highly secured and executed hassle free.

      Easy integration

      Rapidly build production-ready integrations with APIs. With Alipay Developer Center, you can get set-up easily and obtain development resources required. In addition, limited integration costs are needed when you add new wallet product to expand your business in the future.

      Enhanced payment experience

      Create an easy way for consumers to pay on your site. The use of Alipay removes language or cultural barriers and adds a familiar experience to many consumers. 

      #User experience

      The following figure illustrates that a consumer places an order in a shopping app, and then uses GCash digital wallet to perform the payment. 


      Figure 1. Cashier payment user experience

      #How it works?

      In Cashier Payment, the following roles are involved:

      • Customer: An individual or institution that uses the payment service.
      • MerchantA company or individual that trades on goods or services.
      • Alipay: Alipay provides the Cashier Payment service.
      • PMP: Payment method provider. In Cashier Payment, a payment method provider is a Digital Wallet, such as GCash.


      Figure 2. Cashier Payment workflow

      Cashier Payment workflow contains the following steps: 

      1. Customer selects goods online and selects a PMP wallet app to pay.
      2. Merchant sends the payment request to Alipay.
      3. Alipay returns the PMP Cashier URL.
      4. Merchant redirects the user to the Cashier.
      5. Customer inputs payment information to complete the payment.
      6. Customer is redirected to merchant page and the payment result is presented.
      7. PMP wallet sends payment result to Alipay.
      8. Alipay notifies merchant the payment result asynchronously.

      #Product features 

      Cashier payment has the following features:



      Payment type

      Online payment

      Terminal type


      Payment methods decision maker


      Payment initiated by


      User authorization

      Payment method provider (PMP)

      User authorization method

      User authorization provided by payment method provider

      Payment expiration time

      The default value is 14 minutes. This value can be specified by the paymentExpiryTime field in the pay interface.

      Note: For DANA and GCash, the payment expiration time can only be smaller than 14 minutes if using the paymentExpiryTime field to specify. 

      Table 1: Cashier payment features

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