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Wallet payment methods are also referred to as digital wallets. Wallets own a system of independent accounts. Users can complete online or in-store payments by using their accounts.

User experience

The following figure shows the payment journey with the wallet payment method PayPay:


Figure 1. Payment journey with PayPay

  1. On your order information page, a user chooses PayPay and taps Check Out, and is redirected to a PayPay page.
  2. On the PayPay page, the user confirms the payment and is redirected to your payment result page after they complete the payment.

Payment methods

For details about the wallet payment methods, see the following table:

Payment methodConsumer country/regionSupported currencyRefundPartial refundChargebackMinimum payment amountMaximum payment amountRefund period
GopayIndonesiaIDR1 IDR2,000,000 IDR for non-KYC users; 20,000,000 IDR for KYC usersN/A
OVOIndonesiaIDR1 IDR2,000,000 IDR for non-KYC user; 20,000,000 IDR for KYC usersN/A
PayPayJapanJPY✔️✔️1 JPY


Last 24 hours: 500,000 yen

Last 30 days: 2,000,000 yen

365 days




✔️✔️1 JPY

Game merchants:

  • Buyers under 6 years old: 5000 JPY per month
  • Buyers between 16 and 18 years old: 10,000 - 30,000 JPY per month
  • Buyers over 18 years old: unlimited

KYC limits:

  • KYC compliant buyers: 999,999 JPY per transaction
  • Non-KYC compliant buyers: 100,000 JPY per transaction
30 days
GrabPaySingapore, Malaysia, and PhilippinesMYR, SGD, PHP✔️✔️0.01 MYR, 0.01 SGD, 10 PHP1,500 MYR, 5,000 SGD, 50,000 PHP (Auto Debit: 25,000 PHP)365 days
ShopeePaySingapore, Indonesia, Phillippines, ThailandIDR, PHP, THB, SGD✔️✔️Redirect (Deeplink): 1 IDR, 1 PHP, 1 THB, 0.01 SGD
QR: 1 IDR, 1 PHP, 1 THB, 1 SGD
Redirect (Deeplink): 10,000,000 IDR, 100,000 PHP, 99,999 THB, 5,000 SGD
QR: 10,000,000 IDR, PH/TH/SG: depends on the limit set by users
365 days
ZalopayVietnamVND✔️✔️1000 VND

50,000,000 VND; 100,000,000 VND per month

180 days






      TWD 1

TWD currency does not process cent.

Non-KYC users: Monthly transaction limit: 30,000 TWD (~960 USD)

KYC users:

  • Single transaction limit: 50,000 TWD (~1,600 USD)
  • Daily transaction limit: 100,000 TWD (~3,200 USD)
  • Monthly transaction limit: 300,000 TWD (~6,400 USD)

      365 days

Table 1. Capabilities of wallet payment methods