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Alipay+ payment method

Alipay+ payment methods are the payment methods that have a partnership with Alipay+.

User experience

The following figure shows the journey of paying with the Alipay+ payment method BillEase on a mobile client:

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Figure 1. Payment process with BillEase (mobile)

  1. On your order information page, a user chooses BillEase and taps Check Out, and is redirected to the wallet page.
  2. On the wallet page, the user logs in to their account and confirms the payment, and is redirected to your payment result page after they complete the payment.

Payment methods

For details about the Alipay+ payment methods, see the following table:

Payment methodConsumer country/regionSupported currencyRefundPartial refundDisputeMinimum payment amountMaximum payment amountRefund period
AlipayChinaCNY✔️✔️✔️0.1 CNYUnlimited365 days
AlipayHKHong Kong, ChinaHKD✔️✔️✔️0.01 HKD per transaction50,000 HKD per transaction; 200,000 HKD per year365 days
DANAIndonesiaIDR✔️✔️✔️300 IDR10,000,000 IDR per transaction; 20,000,000 IDR per day365 days
BoostMalaysiaMYR✔️✔️✔️0.05 MYR5,000 MYR per month365 days
Touch 'n GoMalaysiaMYR✔️✔️✔️0.05 MYR20,000 MYR per transaction;
25,000 MYR per month;
300,000 MYR per year
365 days

Akulaku PayLater (Philippines)

PhilippinesPHP✔️✔️✔️1 PHP99,999,999,900 PHP365 days
BillEasePhilippinesPHP✔️✔️✔️Buy Now Pay Later: 50 PHP
Installment payment: 50 PHP
Buy Now Pay Later: 50,000 PHP
Installment payment: 100,000 PHP
365 days
BPIPhilippinesPHP✔️✔️✔️Unlimited50,000 PHP per day365 days
GCashPhilippinesPHP✔️✔️✔️1 PHP100,000 PHP per day365 days
MayaPhilippinesPHP✔️✔️✔️1 PHP100,000 PHP365 days
KakaoPaySouth KoreaKRW✔️✔️✔️50 KRW2,000,000 KRW365 days
NAVER PaySouth KoreaKRW✔️✔️✔️100 KRW

High-risk merchants: 2,000,000 KRW per day, 500,000 KRW per transaction

365 days
Toss PaySouth KoreaKRW✔️✔️✔️100 KRW

General industry merchants: 2,000,000 KRW per day/transaction; High-risk merchants: 300,000 KRW per transaction, 2,000,000 KRW per day, 5,000,000 KRW per month.

365 days
KredivoIndonesiaIDR✔️✔️✔️Buy now pay later: 1 IDR
Installment payment: 500,000 IDR
Buy now pay later: 3,500,000 IDR
Installment payment: 30,000,000 IDR
Rabbit LINE PayThailandTHB✔️✔️✔️0.01 THB50,000 THB365 days
TrueMoneyThailandTHB✔️✔️✔️1 THB per transaction30,000 THB per transaction; 50,000 THB per day365 days







                      40 BRL

                   No limit

       90 days

Table 1. Capabilities of Alipay+ payment methods