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POST /v1/merchants/inquiryRegistrationInfo

Use the inquiryRegistrationInfo API to inquire a merchant's registration information. For successfully registered merchants, the latest merchant information is returned. If there are no successful registrations, only the request acceptance result will be returned. 


A message consists of a header and body. The following sections are focused on the body structure. For the header structure, see: 

Note: Set the data type of each field (except array) as String. This means that you must use double quotation marks (" ") to enclose the field value. Examples:

  • If the data type of a field is Integer and its value is 20, set it as "20". 
  • If the data type of a field is Boolean and its value is true, set it as "true". 

Request parameters

referenceMerchantId String  REQUIRED

The secondary merchant ID that is assigned by the acquirer.

More information:

  • Maximum length: 64 characters

Response parameters

result Result object REQUIRED

The request result contains information such as status and error codes.

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merchantInfo MerchantRegistrationInfo object REQUIRED

The merchant information

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productCodes String  REQUIRED

Product codes. For online payments, the valid values of this field are:


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Request Body


Response Body

Responses for different cases

This section provides responses for different cases of registration information inquiries.



Error codes

Error codes are usually classified into the following categories:

  • Common error codes: common for all online and in-store payment APIs.
  • API-specific error codes: listed in the following table.  

Result/Error codes

CodeValueMessageFurther action

The registration is successful, no further action is needed.

INVALID_CLIENTFThe client is invalid.

Check whether the client ID is correct.

MEDIA_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTABLEFThe server does not implement the media type that is acceptable to the client.

Check whether the media type is correct.

METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTEDFThe server does not implement the requested HTTP method.

Check whether the HTTP method is correct.

REPEAT_REQ_INCONSISTENTFRepeated requests are inconsistent.

Change referenceMerchantId and call the interface again.

RECORD_NOT_FOUNDFThe system is not able to find the registration record for the given referenceMerchantId and/or referenceStoreId.

The registration record is not found. Please check whether referenceMerchantId or referenceStoreId is correct.