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      API authentication

      The Alipay API uses API keys and client ID to authenticate requests. You can obtain your API keys and client ID in Alipay Developer Center. After logging in to Alipay Developer Center, a client ID is assigned to you after creating an application. You can use the key management tool provided in Alipay Developer Center to generate and manage your public key.

      To authenticate your requests, you need to upload your public key in Alipay Developer Center. When calling the API, include the client ID in the header of each API request and Alipay will use the corresponding public key for a specific client ID to perform the signature validation.

      Sample of a request header

      Signature:algorithm=RSA256, keyVersion=0, signature=Bgfmkr1iHiqF%2FJQHkjmkd546ov0aW8HAnEjdpjNUE%2BUv3%2BOb2yPdt24YJdGdZpfM0Enu8WxTZ4JbWa3alSA2fTA1Ukhp%2FnEu2t6n97XQOUl2H1Ew5cPV1Y4PIMJAu9ctH0gSq%2ByDxnvmt%2FQvkY2z7BQe780fvZj6lcVP3MRv1rpQFvaL4BGKg1WqXzDntv4HIEcE69kgFbzweqnboL3BE1pSu1CAr8k5iF5Nem7HhLoA6BSbq1MDAeoLj0ablQgvJzW4JtpmcIYI%2BXXmx6wU9ufIL5%2BRXIQa6HFGFIArbNHUOvfJoK%2Bh8SbOskocbj2TWkBAQpylueoW9a3NHtD%2BZQ%3****