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Sharing with our service providers

Sharing with our service providers

Like most businesses, we work with other companies outside of the Group who help us to provide and improve the Antom Services.

We call these companies our “service providers”.

The table below explains the types of service providers we use.

Type of service provider and the services they provide

Our banking and financial services partners and payments networks, including Visa and Mastercard involved in processing of payments and conducting transactions through the Antom Services

Data back-up and hosting services providers for the storage of your personal information

IT system providers who provide technical solutions and security programs

Customer services providers who provide us with customer services for you, so that we can keep a record of any questions or other messages our customer services team receives from our users, and manage those interactions appropriately

Screening providers who assist us with sanction screening, fraud and AML prevention, detection and mitigation

Communications partners such as the postal service, couriers, SMS, message, voice call and email service providers

Analytics providers and survey agencies who help improve the Antom Services

Security monitoring providers who verify accounts, investigate suspicious activity or possible violations of terms or policies

Professional advisors who provide legal and consultancy services to us such as advising on disputes, investigations or intellectual property infringements

Business analytics providers who carry out product and service research, testing of Antom Services and features, developing and testing products and services, troubleshooting technical issues, testing technological updates, conduct and support research into new products and services

Business analytics providers who generate insights about users and usage across the Antom Services (at an aggregate level)

Content Safety API providers who provide safety API products and services and related technical support to help us maintain the safety and integrity of the Antom Services by detecting and helping us to prioritise harmful material for our reviewers to assess

Translation service providers who help us communicate with you

Accountancy service providers who prepare or help prepare statutory financial statements and prepare and file tax returns

Auditors who audit the statutory financial statements (SFS)